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Country Way 86 – February 2020

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CW83: Rains from Heaven and Fruitful Seasons

Only a livestock farmer will fully understand what it means to have to sell up their herd or flock. In the spring of 2004, the day after the auction of our cattle, I stood in the yard and prayed. The particular smells and sounds of dairy cows were absent for the first day in generations, and added to the financial pressures of the tenancy was the strange guilt that after so many years I was the one who had to leave the dairy industry. But I had trusted in Jesus for long enough to know that God can use our failures and disappointments to bring about what he really wants from us. So began a new adventure in farming the particular way in which the Lord led.

Worshipping Together: a toolkit for rural churches

Worshipping Together is designed to enable those who worship in rural churches to plan and lead worship that is appropriate for their contexts and doesn’t require the presence or practical involvement of a clergy person. With rural clergy – across the denominations – responsible for larger groups of churches, we know that the involvement of lay people in planning and leading worship is becoming increasingly important.

Simple Mother’s Day Service

A short, simple mothering Sunday service

Mother’s Day Service

A traditional mothering Sunday service

Mother’s Day Hymns

A selection of hymns that could be used during a mothering Sunday service

Family Mother’s Day Service

A family mothering Sunday service

Lammastide Service

A traditional lammastide service

Lammas in the Woods

A lammastide service in the woods including a blessing of animals

Lammastide Hymns

A selection of hymns to be used during lammastide.