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Journey to Faith

A Local Church Training Course

This unique training programme on rural evangelism helps members of rural congregations share their faith with others and can be run by any church or group of churches over two half-days.

Evangelism is part of the local church’s ongoing life but many rural churches struggle with it. A lack of understanding or experience, fear or confusion over roles, and small congregation sizes are all factors that can contribute to this struggle. Journey to Faith is a simple training programme designed to equip local rural congregations. The programme can be run by any local church or group of churches over two half-days. No outside help is required and all the necessary materials are free to download below. We also provide optional supplementary resources, links to useful material/ideas elsewhere and a Resource Manual for every participant to take away.

‘Some courses tell you ‘what’, and leave you feeling rather nonplussed about how to move from where you are to where you should be.  This course was so practical and geared specifically to a rural setting that it helped us to know the ‘how’ and be motivated to do it because it had been made to seem infinitely do-able!’