CW 78: Borderlands Butty Van

Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy is an ecumenical initiative of Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury Methodist District and the Diocese of Hereford. To get local conversations going in Shropshire, a small group started a Butty Van which travels within a fifteen mile radius of the village of Kenley, near Much Wenlock.

CW78: A vicar’s life

Somebody asked me the other day, ‘What’s it like being a media star?’ I replied, ‘I must confess I’ve never even thought about it.’ I prefer to say that I have been in the privileged position of featuring in a TV documentary that has helped dispel some of the myths and preconceived ideas around what a vicar is and what they do.

CW78 Online Exclusive: A Vicar’s Life – Hereford Diocese press release

Four clergy in the Diocese of Hereford were the focus of A Vicar’s Life, a six-part documentary series broadcast on BBC Two in 2018.

Local Mission Swap Shop

A very practical idea for local rural churches to share experience & ideas in an annual one-off centralised event, and learn together about all sorts of local examples of mission and community engagement. Great for lay people, PCCs and even ministers!

CW76: Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy

Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy (BRC) is an ecumenical partnership between the Diocese of Hereford and the Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury District of the Methodist Church set up to offer pastoral care and outreach to farmers, farming families and agricultural communities principally within Hereford and South Shropshire.