A Discipling Presence

Countryside compassion for the city


CW82: What do we mean by ‘rural’?

Everyone thinks their community is unique – and they are right! No two rural communities are the same. The Highlands of Scotland, the west coast of Wales and the uplands of Cumbria and Teesdale are as different from the Fens, the Somerset Levels or the coast of Fife, as feta cheese is from cheddar cheese. The ingredients are similar but the look, taste and experience of the finished product are very different.

Mother’s Day Service

A traditional mothering Sunday service

Mother’s Day Hymns

A selection of hymns that could be used during a mothering Sunday service

Short Lammas Service

A short service to be used during lammastide

Lammastide Service

A traditional lammastide service

Lammas in the Woods

A lammastide service in the woods including a blessing of animals

Wild Harvest

A Harvest service to take place outside in the wild. Originally designed to be used in a Sunday school but could also be used as part of a service or all-age.

Harvest poems and readings

A selection of poems and readings that can be used during a harvest service or as part of a personal devotional

Harvest Hymns

A selection of hymns that can be used in a variety of harvest services

Harvest Festival 3

A traditional harvest festival service involving the presentation of gifts