CW76: Church – not just for Christmas!

Churches and church schools can be the hub of community life, especially at Christmas. But how do we make sure that Church is not just for Christmas?

HOPE is working with churches across the spectrum of denominations to make Jesus known in 2018. HOPE’s dream is a growing church, showing Jesus’ love and telling the Jesus story at the heart of every community. HOPE is committed to supporting and resourcing churches to make 2018 a year in which we see the Church grow throughout the UK.

Street Nativity

An idea for a nativity that involves the whole community as an evangelistic tool.

Christmas prayers

Christmas prayers and responses that could be used in a variety of services.

Christmas children’s activity

A Christmas activity for children that could be used as part of an all-age service in church or a school.

Christingle Service – School

A Christingle Service for a school which could be used as an all-age service in church.

Christingle – Family Service

An all-age Christingle service

Christingle Service – All-age

An all-age Christingle Service