CW76: Pioneering Community Chaplaincy in Melton Mowbray

The Community Chaplaincy team, pioneered and funded by Melton Mowbray Baptist Church (MMBC) and supported by the other local churches, can be found in their distinctive blue hoodies around Melton each Tuesday and Wednesday where they encourage people to stop them for a chat over a cup of coffee and find out more about Christianity.

CW75: Younger and deeper

‘What would you say to setting up a residential community of 20s-30s in Charlecote’s vicarage?’

Two years ago this was the question Coventry Diocese’s Archdeacon Missioner posed to me. I was half-way through ordination training and the question was completely unexpected. My response was, ‘Are you setting me up for a fall?!’

CW74: Rural Business Chaplaincy

Having been one of those children who would sit at school staring out of the window daydreaming, it was no surprise that I left school at 16 for a YTS course in agriculture, followed by a horticulture and agriculture course and my first job on a dairy farm in Kent. But my career was cut short when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. After training for ordained ministry I served my curacy in a rural benefice of seven churches in Kent, and in my new role as Rural Business Chaplain I am now able to combine my calling to the priesthood with my calling to work within agriculture.