CW77: Parish Nursing: good health and engaging community

Julia, a registered nurse and health visitor, has taken early retirement to focus on helping eleven small churches in North Devon reach out to those in the community with health needs. Her work involves:

  • Encouraging self-care through the promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • Education about managing a newly-diagnosed condition in order to prevent complications
  • Helping people recover well after surgery or acute illness
  • Visiting those who have long-term chronic conditions and need support with understanding their medication
  • Accompaniment to a hospital appointment or signposting to appropriate NHS services
  • Connecting with people who are nearing the end of life to ensure that they have peace and some quality of care in their last months

CW77: Churches Linking Lives in rural communities

The Campaign to End Loneliness reports that ‘rural areas have a unique set of circumstances that can exacerbate the social isolation of older residents, leading to poor health, loss of independence and lower quality of life. Linking Lives UK is a Christian charity founded in 2012 which works across the UK to address issues of isolation and loneliness among older people through regular home visits.