Responding to flooding

Many areas in North Yorkshire and the North West have been impacted by flooding over the last few days, with hill farmers particularly hard hit. In the Yorkshire Dales stone walls have been washed away, stock drowned and winter forage ruined.

This is also a crucial time for the tourist industry with holiday cottage being flooded as whole communities are affected. Agriculture and tourism are often linked in this area, as farmers diversify into providing holiday accommodation.

Many other small rural, business will also be affected, and the impacts will be felt for some time to come. Please hold these communities in your prayers:

Loving God,

We pray for all whose lives have been affected by the recent floods: for farmers who have lost livestock and fodder, and those whose homes have been flooded and businesses ruined.

As the clear-up begins, be with those who fear the days ahead, unsure of how to keep farm and business going. Give them the strength to cope now and hope for the future.

Bless these communities as they support each other and bring light out of the darkness.

In Jesus name, Amen.

If you need help

Farming Community Network 01788 510866

Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution 0808 281 9490

Forage Aid


These organisations will also be happy to receive donations, as will the newly created Upper Dales Flood Relief Fund ( or Reeth Go Fund Me

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