Mothers Day 2020

From The Vine

Worship at Home

Submitted by Mary Hawes, National Children & Youth Adviser, Church of England

Worshipping Together: a toolkit for rural churches

Worshipping Together is designed to enable those who worship in rural churches to plan and lead worship that is appropriate for their contexts and doesn’t require the presence or practical involvement of a clergy person. With rural clergy – across the denominations – responsible for larger groups of churches, we know that the involvement of lay people in planning and leading worship is becoming increasingly important.

Accessible Welcome: A toolkit for rural churches

Accessible Welcome, a new resource from Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre, is designed to help rural churches work towards ensuring that their church – both the building and their worship – is accessible to all.

Table Talk and Puzzling Questions: a rural dimension?

Table Talk and Puzzling Questions are an excellent series of resources produced by the Ugly Duckling Company that can be used to kick-start evangelistically-helpful conversations or discussions in relaxed, small groups.

Blessing of soil

This blessing of soil service could be used as a stand alone service or as part of a plough Sunday service. This could also be used during a rogation, harvest or any other agricultural service.