CW82: Salt, light and feet of clay

Christian leadership is often associated with church-based roles. However, there are many individuals who, like me, live out their Christian faith in leadership roles beyond the stained-glass windows of our church buildings. I enjoy opportunities when I can openly combine my faith in Jesus Christ as my Saviour and my day to day work, so I jumped at the chance of delivering this year’s Germinate Lecture, Salt, Light and Feet of Clay: Celebrating the ministry of lay people.

Germinate Lecture 2019: full transcript

Read the full transcript of George Dunn’s 2019 Germinate Lecture.

You can find more information about, and videos from, the Germinate Lecture here.

CW75: Brexit: A time for unity

In the last twelve months, Brexit has come to dominate our public, and often our private, discourse. With polarising rhetoric and binary choice between ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ it has left fault lines running through communities across the UK. George Dunn, CEO of the Tenant Farmers Association, considers how churches might respond.