CW76: Bearing good news starts with being good news

Evangelism is simply the process of sharing good news. The term ‘pre-evangelism‘ suggests that before the good news about Jesus can be shared, something else needs to happen in order for the hearer to be receptive to the good news we’d like to share. While some prayerful thought and a sensitive approach is needed when sharing our faith, I find myself reflecting on the account of Jesus’ encounter with a Samaritan woman at a well in John 4, and wondering when the evangelism began in this story.

CW76: Can mission be comfortable?

The call to share in God’s mission has been a key challenge in churches across the denominations over recent years. National and regional initiatives have been promoted. People have been appointed and tasked with making churches more missional. However, for many small rural congregations this often feels uncomfortable, if not threatening. Given some appropriate support, it can become a joy.

Rural discipleship resources

Suggestions for sources of rural discipleship resources.

Discipleship in today’s rural context

Mission and discipleship in a rural context