CW78: Growing Together – Crossing Borders

As the whole of Europe, and these islands in particular, seek to manage the implications of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, lots and lots of heat is being generated, but often not a lot of light. Some continue to strike forward, others seek to rewind the clock. And some just try to ignore it and get on with everyday life.

CW76: Evangelism: The overflow of a grateful heart

A former colleague of mine, the late Revd Canon Marion Mort, said these words at a conference called Making Christ Known. I have never forgotten them:

‘Mission is one and it is God’s mission. We are invited to share in his work of reconciliation, and that reconciliation was achieved by the blood of the cross. We come therefore as Christ’s Ambassadors, delivering the message of the King in the language of those to whom we are sent. It is therefore about moving on from where we are, or even sometimes going back to the community from which we came.’