Pet Service

A pet service to be used to bless owners and their pets

Litany for a plough service

Litany to be used during a plough service or another agricultural service

Litany for Animals

Litany or prayer to be used for animals in the world.

Litany for an Agricultural Crisis

Litany or prayers to be used during an agricultural crisis

Blessing of new lambs and the good earth

A service to bless new lambs and the good earth as well as giving thanks for the other elements. This service is written to be used on a farm but could be adapted for use in other settings. This service requires the use of bubbles.

Readings for an environmental service

A selection of readings, poems and prayers that can be used during a service for the environment, creation or any agricultural setting

Rogation service

A rogation service without a procession.

Rogation prayers

A selection prayers to be used during rogation at a variety of services

Rogation outside at a variety of locations

A selection of prayers and hymns to be used a multiple locations as part of a rogation procession.

Christmas prayers

Christmas prayers and responses that could be used in a variety of services.