ARC Plough Sunday 2021

Plough Sunday 2021

Start the year with hope for farmers and the soil, with a traditional blessing of the plough.

Plough Sunday is the first agricultural festival of the year, and the Arthur Rank Centre provides a service resource to help you plan your Plough Sunday service.

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CW78: Plough Sunday at St Stephen’s, Sulby

In January a heart-warming service was held in St Stephen’s Church, Sulby, on the Isle of Man. Sulby, with its population of 400 people plus a few wallabies living wild in local grasslands, nestles at the end of a winding glen where the Manx mountains descend towards the agricultural Northern Plain. The church is one of three chapels commissioned two centuries ago by Bishop Ward to serve remoter rural parts of the Isle of Man.

CW76: Making a Journey to Faith

In his inaugural address as President of the Methodist Conference in Southport in 2015, Revd Steve Wild challenged each Methodist church in Britain to aim to bring just one person to faith in the coming year, saying:

‘Let’s take God seriously. I want to help us in the task of evangelism, to put mission on the agenda and give our churches an aim to win a person for Christ.’

Simple Plough Service

A simple plough Sunday service

Plough Sunday Service

A traditional plough Sunday service.

Plough Sunday reflections

A selection of reflections to be used during a plough Sunday service

Plough Sunday Prayers

A selection of prayers to be used during a plough Sunday service

Plough Sunday Meditation

A meditation to be used either on its own or as part of a plough Sunday service

Plough Sunday Hymns

A selection of hymns to be used during a plough Sunday service

Plough Sunday Communion

God speed the plough! – A plough Sunday service with communion