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Rural Mission Sunday 2021: Invite A6 {with blank space} pdf

Rural Mission Sunday 2021: Children and Families pack

Rural Mission Sunday 2021: Children and Families

CW76: Can mission be comfortable?

The call to share in God’s mission has been a key challenge in churches across the denominations over recent years. National and regional initiatives have been promoted. People have been appointed and tasked with making churches more missional. However, for many small rural congregations this often feels uncomfortable, if not threatening. Given some appropriate support, it can become a joy.

CW76: Evangelism: The overflow of a grateful heart

A former colleague of mine, the late Revd Canon Marion Mort, said these words at a conference called Making Christ Known. I have never forgotten them:

‘Mission is one and it is God’s mission. We are invited to share in his work of reconciliation, and that reconciliation was achieved by the blood of the cross. We come therefore as Christ’s Ambassadors, delivering the message of the King in the language of those to whom we are sent. It is therefore about moving on from where we are, or even sometimes going back to the community from which we came.’

CW76: Tis the season… to make connections

How can a handful of people from a little ‘shabby chic’ chapel in a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds Way even think of mission? Well I suppose the answer is… we don’t! Call it mission that is. What we do is try to make connections; connections with each other, our communities and with God.

Street Nativity

An idea for a nativity that involves the whole community as an evangelistic tool.

Christmas children’s play

A Christmas play for children that could be used during a christingle or crib service, either in school or church. Could also be used within the community as a tool for evangelism.

Equipping for Rural Mission: Reading list and suggested resources

Equipping for Rural Mission: Researching and surveying your community

Equipping for Rural Mission: Participant’s pack