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CW75: Rural foodbanks: hospitality, help and hope

Fosse Foodbank, part of the Trussell Trust’s UK-wide network, is administered by St Peter’s Church in Kineton, a village in south-east Warwickshire. The headquarters of the local foodbank is based here, along with the warehouse and a distribution centre. It works with a network of rural churches to provide support for people in need from Wellesbourne in the west to Bishops Itchington and Southam in the north. Most, but not all, of our volunteers are from local churches and we work ecumenically with the Anglican, Methodist, Congregational, Community and Roman Catholic churches in our area.

CW75 Online Exclusive: Moor Church

Having read Ephesians 3: 16-19 I asked the question, ‘So what links are there between these words and the tree we have just created?’ We were standing in a traditional barn, having just brought from the woodland on the farm some branches, twigs, leaves and heather to produce our own collage of a tree.

CW74: Methodist lay preachers

Was there any hope?

With Sunday attendance plummeting, but Thursday coffee mornings growing, the chapel swapped Sunday worship for a service before the coffee morning, where numbers reach 17-20. Now a Sunday cafe church has started – a new congregation of about 20. One congregation moves allowing a new one to be planted.

CW64: Buckland Brewer

When the shop closed in the village of Buckland Brewer the local church became pioneers and created the first community shop hosted by a Methodist church. The new venture is very successful and the church are now looking at ways to complement the shop with other community initiatives.

CW74: Tissington: A village pilgrimage

The small Methodist chapel that sits on the edge of the Tissington estate celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. The chapel doors are open 24 hours a day and all are made welcome.