CW80: Church, Community and Doodling

I have just been writing a detailed response to a public consultation about the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC). There are a whole host of issues related to the impact of the construction of this massive project: compulsory purchase of homes, removal of public footpaths and highways, re-routing of villages, damage to the environment, road closures, loss of animal, bird and insect habitats, stables and farmland.

Local Mission Swap Shop

A very practical idea for local rural churches to share experience & ideas in an annual one-off centralised event, and learn together about all sorts of local examples of mission and community engagement. Great for lay people, PCCs and even ministers!

CW76: Can mission be comfortable?

The call to share in God’s mission has been a key challenge in churches across the denominations over recent years. National and regional initiatives have been promoted. People have been appointed and tasked with making churches more missional. However, for many small rural congregations this often feels uncomfortable, if not threatening. Given some appropriate support, it can become a joy.