Lambing service

A service to be used to celebrate lambing, could be used during sheep dog trials or at any other occasion when shepherds meet.

Lambing Service Poems

A selection of poems that could be used as part of a lambing service or any other agricultural service

Lambing Service Hymns

Two hymns that could be used during a lambing service or any another agricultural setting.

Clypping Service

A service to be used to celebrate clypping

Clypping Service Hymn

A Hymn to be used during a clypping service

Commemorating the death of an animal

A service to commemorate the death of an animal. This could be used in a variety of settings.

Blessing the Plough and new born lamb

A service to be used to bless plough and new born lambs in a variety of agricultural settings.

Blessing of Ploughs

A service originally used at a plough contest to bless the ploughs. Could also be used in other agricultural settings.

Blessing of new lambs and the good earth

A service to bless new lambs and the good earth as well as giving thanks for the other elements. This service is written to be used on a farm but could be adapted for use in other settings. This service requires the use of bubbles.

Blessing of soil

This blessing of soil service could be used as a stand alone service or as part of a plough Sunday service. This could also be used during a rogation, harvest or any other agricultural service.