CW76: Church – not just for Christmas!

Churches and church schools can be the hub of community life, especially at Christmas. But how do we make sure that Church is not just for Christmas?

HOPE is working with churches across the spectrum of denominations to make Jesus known in 2018. HOPE’s dream is a growing church, showing Jesus’ love and telling the Jesus story at the heart of every community. HOPE is committed to supporting and resourcing churches to make 2018 a year in which we see the Church grow throughout the UK.

CW76: Tis the season… to make connections

How can a handful of people from a little ‘shabby chic’ chapel in a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds Way even think of mission? Well I suppose the answer is… we don’t! Call it mission that is. What we do is try to make connections; connections with each other, our communities and with God.

Maundy Thursday poems

Poems that can be used as part of a Maundy Thursday service or for as a separate devotional or meditation.

Maundy Thursday service outline

A Maundy Thursday service set in a farm kitchen that could be adapted for use in a church or other setting. Can also be used as an all-age service if desired.

Good Friday service outline

A service outline for a traditional Good Friday service

Good Friday Procession service outline

A service outline for a Good Friday procession of witness at a variety of locations.

Good Friday all-age service outline

A service outline for an all-age Good Friday service.

Good Friday Activity

A prayer activity that can be used during a Good Friday service or as a separate meditation.

Easter school service outline

An Easter service to be used in a school, explaining the Easter story from Palm Sunday to Easter Day. Could also be used as an all-age or children’s service.

Easter Poem

An extract from an Easter poem that can also be used as a prayer and response.