A Discipling Presence


CW81: From chaos and absurdity

‘God has rescued us from chaos and absurdity and called us into the life of his kingdom.’

Earlier this year the US government experienced the longest period of shutdown in its history in a fight over a border wall costing billions of dollars. At the same time Brexit was dominating the political agenda in the UK. And a picture of an egg got 25 million ‘likes’ on Instagram. If ever there was chaos and absurdity, we seem to be living in a world which both revels in and generates it.

CW81: Holy Habits

Holy Habits is a way of forming disciples based on Luke’s picture of the early church in Acts 2:42-47. It explores and encourages the practice of ten disciplines or ‘holy habits’ that Luke presents in the passage: biblical teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer, giving, serving, eating together, gladness and generosity, worship and the making of more disciples. It is a way life for all, from young children to those in residential care.

Growing family worship in a village church

How might a rural parish draw families into the circle of faith and offer meaningful and relevant worship as part of the life of the whole church?

CW76: Making a Journey to Faith

In his inaugural address as President of the Methodist Conference in Southport in 2015, Revd Steve Wild challenged each Methodist church in Britain to aim to bring just one person to faith in the coming year, saying:

‘Let’s take God seriously. I want to help us in the task of evangelism, to put mission on the agenda and give our churches an aim to win a person for Christ.’

CW61: Learning Across Woodbridge Deanery

Newly appointed as Rural Dean, with a Deanery strapline of Communicate, Co-operate and Collaborate, and a diocesan requirement to produce a deanery plan which embraced discipleship and opportunities for lay people and clergy learning together – LAWD was born.

Discipleship in today’s rural context

Mission and discipleship in a rural context