CW75: Brexit: A time for unity

In the last twelve months, Brexit has come to dominate our public, and often our private, discourse. With polarising rhetoric and binary choice between ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ it has left fault lines running through communities across the UK. George Dunn, CEO of the Tenant Farmers Association, considers how churches might respond.

CW75: A day out in the countryside

People and the DALES is an award-winning outreach project delivered by local charity Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) which enables people from disadvantaged backgrounds to visit the Yorkshire Dales for health and well-being. One group leader working with refugees and asylum seekers in Blackburn and Darwen said:

‘Doctors should prescribe a dose of the countryside instead of anti-depressants, as being in the great outdoors is so good for people.’

CW75: Younger and deeper

‘What would you say to setting up a residential community of 20s-30s in Charlecote’s vicarage?’

Two years ago this was the question Coventry Diocese’s Archdeacon Missioner posed to me. I was half-way through ordination training and the question was completely unexpected. My response was, ‘Are you setting me up for a fall?!’

CW75 Online Exclusive: An accessible welcome

Having a parent who is a minister means I have grown up in and around churches for most of my life. I have been using a wheelchair for 12 years so thought I would share some of my observations. Obviously there are listed buildings which have limitations on what adaptions can be made but there are still things that can be done to help wheelchair users feel more comfortable visiting your building.

CW75 Online Exclusive: The Rural Tradition

My father-in-law, an Ulsterman, was an enthusiast collector of books by AG Street. His collection of Street’s books now sits on my book shelves, and adds a bit of variety to the bible commentaries. AG Street was a Wiltshire born farmer who lived through the years of the depression in the 1930s, and found that he was able to supplement his meagre income by turning his hand to writing, and later broadcasting.

CW75 Online Exclusive: Church as guest

What if the church were to see itself as a guest rather than a host?

CW75 Online Exclusive: Far too welcoming

This document was passed to the editor by WikiChurchLeaks. Given the interest in fake news, we decided to throw caution to the wind and publish…

CW75 Online Exclusive: Getting stuck in

Welcome on board! Can we learn from airline cabin crew?

CW75 Online Exclusive: Messy Church Southam

As part of our Deanery Hope14 mission week, I was asked to organise a ‘Massive’ Messy Church, drawing together all the Messy Church teams (and others) from across the deanery to put on a central, joint event. This proved so successful, that we have done it twice a year since then!

CW75 Online Exclusive: Moor Church

Having read Ephesians 3: 16-19 I asked the question, ‘So what links are there between these words and the tree we have just created?’ We were standing in a traditional barn, having just brought from the woodland on the farm some branches, twigs, leaves and heather to produce our own collage of a tree.