CW79: ‘Remember Me’

‘Do this to remember me.’ Jesus at his last meal with his friends (Luke 22:19)

‘Jesus, remember me when you enter your kingdom.’ An anonymous thief a few hours later (Luke 23:42)

What happens as we gather in groups, up and down the land, to remember those who have died? Does it change us? Do we live differently, think differently, relate to other people differently, as a result of remembering? What does it mean for us to remember?

Lammastide Family Service

A family service for Lammas

Traditional Harvest Communion

A traditional harvest service with communion

Plough Sunday Communion

God speed the plough! – A plough Sunday service with communion

Was there any hope?

With Sunday attendance plummeting, but Thursday coffee mornings growing, the chapel swapped Sunday worship for a service before the coffee morning, where numbers reach 17-20. Now a Sunday cafe church has started – a new congregation of about 20. One congregation moves allowing a new one to be planted.

Christmas Day Communion 2

An all-age Christmas Day communion service.

Christmas Day Communion

An all-age Christmas day communion

Maundy Thursday service outline

A Maundy Thursday service set in a farm kitchen that could be adapted for use in a church or other setting. Can also be used as an all-age service if desired.

Easter Day Communion service outline

A service outline for a traditional Easter Day Communion

Easter Day prayers

A variety of prayers that can be used during an Easter Day service