Christmas children’s play

A Christmas play for children that could be used during a christingle or crib service, either in school or church. Could also be used within the community as a tool for evangelism.

Christmas children’s activity

A Christmas activity for children that could be used as part of an all-age service in church or a school.

Travelling Crib

A simple travelling crib service that involves the passing of Mary and Joseph between members of the community. This represents the journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem.

Christmas Day Communion 2

An all-age Christmas Day communion service.

Christmas Day Communion

An all-age Christmas day communion

Christingle Service – School

A Christingle Service for a school which could be used as an all-age service in church.

Christingle – Family Service

An all-age Christingle service

Christingle Service – All-age

An all-age Christingle Service

Advent Service with Procession

An advent Sunday service that includes a procession. Written from an all-age perspective.

Shrove Tuesday – All Age

A short all-age Shrove Tuesday service that could be used in a variety of settings.