CW80: A Servant Church – hospitality, friendship and compassion

Broad Chalke is a small Wiltshire village with big ideas and a caring heart. It lies in the Chalke Valley, midway between Salisbury and Shaftesbury, and is blessed with a beautiful medieval parish church of considerable size. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to use for anything other than large services and events, and doesn’t have the flexibility for more informal community gatherings.

CW80: Accessible Welcome

Rachel has been a wheelchair-user since her late teens. For her, access to a building is not just about whether you can get in or not. ‘If you can’t get into a building it can feel like you’re not welcome in it. Every little adaption made to a building shows that the people inside care about you.’

CW80: Attracting Attention – the Easter Discovery Trail

Trebullett Methodist Chapel, just south of Launceston in Cornwall, has a small congregation of about twenty people. Several community-based activities take place in the chapel hall but we wanted to let the wider community know that the chapel is there for anybody and has a message which is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago.

CW80 Online Exclusive: New housing area in Coventry Diocese

Since 1926 the rural eastern edge of Rugby has been marked by the 1170-acre Rugby Radio Station. Although formally considered a ‘brown-field’ site due to its technological heritage and 57 radio transmitters, the site has retained a predominantly rural character.