Agricultural Hymn

An agricultural hymn to the tune of Colours day. This could be used during an agricultural show, a service of creation or any other service that is related to agriculture or the countryside.

Readings for an environmental service

A selection of readings, poems and prayers that can be used during a service for the environment, creation or any agricultural setting

CW74: Rural Business Chaplaincy

Having been one of those children who would sit at school staring out of the window daydreaming, it was no surprise that I left school at 16 for a YTS course in agriculture, followed by a horticulture and agriculture course and my first job on a dairy farm in Kent. But my career was cut short when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. After training for ordained ministry I served my curacy in a rural benefice of seven churches in Kent, and in my new role as Rural Business Chaplain I am now able to combine my calling to the priesthood with my calling to work within agriculture.

Easter Day reading

A reading for Easter day in a rural setting. This may also be suitable for harvest.