CW83: Let the land produce

We are intrinsically linked with the soil, certainly from a biblical perspective. In Genesis, God reminds us that we were made from the soil (Genesis 2:7) and that it will become the source of our food. We are explicitly told to care for it (Genesis 2:15) and in doing so live out God’s original call to us as human beings.

CW75: Brexit: A time for unity

In the last twelve months, Brexit has come to dominate our public, and often our private, discourse. With polarising rhetoric and binary choice between ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ it has left fault lines running through communities across the UK. George Dunn, CEO of the Tenant Farmers Association, considers how churches might respond.

Lammastide Service

A traditional lammastide service

Lammas in the Woods

A lammastide service in the woods including a blessing of animals

Wild Harvest

A Harvest service to take place outside in the wild. Originally designed to be used in a Sunday school but could also be used as part of a service or all-age.

Harvest Festival 3

A traditional harvest festival service involving the presentation of gifts

Harvest Festival 2

A traditional harvest festival service

An Allotment Harvest

A Harvest service that takes place on an allotment and then moves to church. This service also involves produce from the allotment to be presented as offerings in church.

Farmers Harvest

A Thanksgiving service for Farmers at Harvest. This service also involves the presentation of gifts as an offering.

Simple Plough Service

A simple plough Sunday service