Blessing of new lambs and the good earth

A service to bless new lambs and the good earth as well as giving thanks for the other elements. This service is written to be used on a farm but could be adapted for use in other settings. This service requires the use of bubbles.

Blessing of soil

This blessing of soil service could be used as a stand alone service or as part of a plough Sunday service. This could also be used during a rogation, harvest or any other agricultural service.

Blessing of Rescue Kennels

A service to be used to bless a local kennels

Blessing a new milking parlour

A service to bless a new milking parlour on a local farm

Agricultural Crisis

A service to be used at a time of crisis in agriculture.

Animal Blessing Service – traditional

A traditional animal blessing service for owners and their animals/pets. This could be use in an all-age or family service.

Animal Blessing Service

All creatures great and small. An all-age animal blessing service for owners to bring their pets/animals to church.

Agricultural Prayers

A selection of agricultural prayers that could be used as part of an agricultural show service or any service with the theme of agriculture

Agricultural Hymn

An agricultural hymn to the tune of Colours day. This could be used during an agricultural show, a service of creation or any other service that is related to agriculture or the countryside.

CW 74: Fit for Farming

The Teme Valley South Pastoral Team have recently distributed Fit for Farming, a very readable, well-written and informative booklet which covers a wide range of health issues.