CW80: Accessible Welcome

Rachel has been a wheelchair-user since her late teens. For her, access to a building is not just about whether you can get in or not. ‘If you can’t get into a building it can feel like you’re not welcome in it. Every little adaption made to a building shows that the people inside care about you.’

Accessible Welcome: A toolkit for rural churches

Accessible Welcome, a new resource from Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre, is designed to help rural churches work towards ensuring that their church – both the building and their worship – is accessible to all.

CW75 Online Exclusive: An accessible welcome

Having a parent who is a minister means I have grown up in and around churches for most of my life. I have been using a wheelchair for 12 years so thought I would share some of my observations. Obviously there are listed buildings which have limitations on what adaptions can be made but there are still things that can be done to help wheelchair users feel more comfortable visiting your building.