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Rogation 2020: A prayer walk for individuals

Rogation comes from the Latin word for ask and was originally about asking God’s blessing on the emerging crops. Our farming year is different, and the crops are well on their way by the time Rogation comes, but they still need a blessing. This year more than ever our communities also need to feel God’s blessing. In your daily exercise time, why not walk around your community and pray for

Here are some suggestions of readings and prayers for different places in the community. The readings are there to give ideas of how our concerns for the community are reflected in the Bible. You may not want to take those with you but read them beforehand and use the prayers as you walk.

Of course, you may not have all the places mentioned in your village just use what you need. If there are places we have not thought of, why not write you own prayer?

Make sure to abide by current social distancing guidelines.

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