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CW81: New National Rural Officer for the Church of England

A Christian presence in every community is more than a strap-line – it is the heart of English Anglicanism. It is the expression of our obligation, as the church for all the people of the nation, to leave no community untouched by the gospel of Jesus Christ, lived out among the people of every place. Ministry and mission in the rural church is highly demanding of energy and imagination. Growth is being realised, but much more remains to be done.

Rt Revd James Bell, retired Bishop of Ripon

The Church of England has over 10,000 rural churches and on any given Sunday 40% of all the people worshipping with the Church of England can be found in these places. Even these figures hide their bigger significance for rural communities across the country as places of hope, peace and comfort, nurturing social action projects that enrich communities.

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