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…2020 CW83: And who is my neighbour? CW83: Ethical Evangelism CW83: Farmers’ day at the cricket CW83: Food ethics CW83: Let the land produce CW83: Memory, Meaning and Mission CW83:…


CW83: Memory, Meaning and Mission

Death, grief and bereavement are realities that touch each of us. Churches, whether rural, suburban or urban, have a huge role in offering support and care during these most difficult…


CW83: Transport Troubles

With nearly 10 million people now living in areas defined as ‘rural’, a reliable transport infrastructure is important and can have a significant impact on people’s quality of life and…


CW83: Farmers’ day at the cricket

Towards the end of last summer’s County Championship season, Somerset County Cricket Club hosted a crowd of over five hundred farmers and their families during their four-day game against Yorkshire….


CW83: Food ethics

Most of us who live in the countryside are conscious that there is a story behind everything we eat. But that story is becoming confusing as media soundbites repeatedly tell…


CW83: Let the land produce

We are intrinsically linked with the soil, certainly from a biblical perspective. In Genesis, God reminds us that we were made from the soil (Genesis 2:7) and that it will…


CW83: Parenting for Faith

Many Christian parents are keen for their children to grow to know and love God for themselves. But it can feel like so many things get in the way, and…


CW83: Saying thank you

Saying ‘thank you’ is simple but can mean so much and goes such a long way especially in this difficult time in the NHS. At Heart of the Health Service,…